Apogee3 is a website platform designed for fitness, health & wellness franchisors. 
It integrates with your existing store management software
and allows you to launch and run an unlimited number of franchisee websites.

Find out how Apogee3 helped a franchise organization just like yours:

Introducing Apogee3

The First Franchise Website Platform

Flexible. Secure. Adaptable.

How It Works

Franchisee Location Management

This system has supported clients who have scaled over 800%  

Wizard Based Updates

Apogee3 reduces resources needed for updates including deploying new sites. Non-technical internal teams can manage many common updates. 

Agnostic Integrations

Apogee3 is built to integrate with ANY studio management system or marketing platform that has an API.


All You Need To Grow

Designed for health, wellness and fitness franchise organizations, Apogee3 is everything you need to help your business expand. 


Location Pages 

Define the look and feel of all your microsites at a corporate level. Then launch new locations with the click of a button.

Dominate local SEO with location-specific content. Speak to local audiences with local blogs while still leveraging national-level blogs. Ensure proper indexing with Schema.org markup. It all adds up to happy franchises with top rankings in their areas.

Schema.org Markup

Local-Specific Content

Corporate and Local Blogs

Real-Time Class Schedules

Import Classes

Import classes direction from your club management system.


View Classes

View location-specific classes 
in real time. 


Book It!

Customers can book and pay directly from the location page.




CRM Auto-Sync

Click-To-Call Back

Track Energy Costs

Predictive Dialing

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CRM Auto-Sync

Click-To-Call Back

Track Energy Costs

Predictive Dialing

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Start by trying our service for 30 days free trial
no credit card required.


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CRM Auto-Sync

Click-To-Call Back

Track Energy Costs

Predictive Dialing

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Start by trying our service for 30 days free trial
no credit card required.

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Apogee3 has all the features your franchisees will need.
Take control of your website and start enjoying business with happier franchisees.

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Franchisees set up their classes inside your studio management system.  Apogee3 pulls the class schedule and displays it online for consumers.  New prospects and existing members alike can browse upcoming classes, view the teacher, and see the number of available spots in real time. 

When they discover the class they're interested in, they can book it immediately.  

The class schedules help consumers quickly make a purchase decision.  This functionality increases sales velocity keeping franchisee owners happy. 


Powered by Google Maps API

Easy search by address, zip, and more

Complete Customization

Custom Landing Pages




Franchise Sales

The key to generating new franchise leads is to have a customized landing page that both qualifies and gives them enough information to take the next step. 


Apogee3 is robust enough to manage an unlimited number of promotions for an unlimited number of locations.  


National, regional and individual campaigns can be easily created by in house staff. Creative for each can be tailored to the location and / or region, the offer, whatever your marketing needs are, Apogee3 can handle it. 

Apogee3 offers a complete package for your marketing and selling.  With an unlimited number of landing pages, deploying multiple campaigns in different markets is a whole lot easier.  Because the system is so robust and easy, non-technical staff can create new landing pages fast. 


Multiple User Level Permissions

Studio Finder

Sell Memberships

Real Time Class Scheduling

Manage Leads

Share Content Across The System

Management System Agnostic

Mobile Optimized

Manage Brand Integrity

Online Booking

SEO-Optimized Location Pages

Generate Prospects

Sell Gift Cards

Collect Payments

Track Sales

On-Site Technical SEO

Consistent Branding

Individually Customizable


Location Finder

With a simple zip code search or a detailed address entered, users will see all nearby locations and can click through to find the one that’s most appropriate for them.

You still maintain total control over the map, the look and feel of the map, and the actual latitude and longitude of the locations. All of it can be completely customized.